Our Males

Fancy Copper Wingnut

Copper loves to hunt.  He has an athletic body and is hugely motivated to retrieve. He is very fast and smooth and is a sweet boy with a great temperament.

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Brick Red Maple

Brick  has a sweet disposition and wants only to please. His look can only be described as a "teddy bear" with his soft thoughtful face.  He is a big powerful boy who has focus for the hunt. Kind and loving, it is obvious he has some English somewhere in his lineage.

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Bonsai with Bailey

Bonsai was with us many years and he is now gone from this earth. He was probably the best trained dog we have ever owned and spent 10 years as a service and therapy animal.  He has left a giant hole in our lives and we miss him very much.  He is shown here with Bailey, our first service animal who also served for 10 years, who helped to train Bonsai and who left us 5 years before Bonsai. They were a gift to this earth.