Hi Kevin,

Thank you for blessing me with another one of your beautiful dogs! Foxy is amazing and looks just like her mom, Holly! Her physique is gorgeous and I love her!!! I cannot go anywhere without someone asking me what kind of dogs they are and so many compliments! Thank you Harris family!


Sending love from NJ, Jill, Harley & Foxy

Red Fox

Hi Kevin,

We just wanted to update you on our puppy!  Red Fox, from Foxy’s March 13th litter.  We just got back from the beach in California.  This was Fox’s first experience at the ocean.  He is in love!  Loved the surf, birds, other dogs!  This shot is from Encinitas, off Hwy. 101.  He is growing!  Doing great!  He travels so well.  Just got his last series of shots a week ago so he is off to the races meeting people, dogs, exploring.  He seems to be incredibly smart and a very quick learner.  He did so well meeting and playing with other dogs on the beach.  Hope your family and dogs are all well.  Take Care!


Kirk and Christine Johnson and Family + Red Fox

Tucson, AZ


From New Jersey, “Hey Elise!!! Just sending a pic of Harley...he is growing into a beautiful big boy...I love him way too much...not sure that I have ever loved a dog this much!!!!”


From Michigan,  “Just wanted to say thank you again for everything you guys did. This is my first dog that I have owned myself and you made the experience very simple and smooth. I believe I made a great choice by choosing the Red Maple Ranch and I will highly recommend your pups to anyone I know that is interested. Thanks again!”


From California, “I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful little boy Samson. I had a wonderful experience through the entire process and I am very happy with everyone involved. He is doing great and will be loved  and well taken care of. I will send you photos as he grows up."

Sincerely Mark


From Kentucky, “Stitch has been amazing! He goes to work with me everyday. Honestly couldn't have asked for a better pup. I attached some photos of him. Hope all is well and once again thank you sooo much!”


From Ely, Minnesota, “Thanks for the beautiful puppy!  She is so well behaved.  Such a mild manner for a young pup."


Thanks,  John


From Ely, Minnesota, "Everyone who meets him loves him. He is such a happy boy.  Thank you for this handsome puppy with a great personality. Red has the sweetest disposition. He has my heart"


From River Falls, WI, Hey guys!  Just wanted to send a quick update on Riggs! He is doing great and still growing! We have been spending a great amount of time out in the pheasant fields and I must say he is getting very good at what he is suppose to be doing! Hope all is well and wish you a Very Happy holidays coming up!


Thanks,  Ryan


From Minnesota;  Oakley is doing very well and at 7 1/2 months she weighs about 65lbs. A couple of the pictures I took today of her sitting on the steps. The white lab Remi is 5 1/2 months old and they are best friends in everything they do. I see a lot of Brick and Foxy in Oakley.  Great dog!