Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Feed Your Dogs and Puppies?

We normally feed our dogs Purina Dog Chow, but when they are pregnant or nursing they eat Purina Puppy Chow. The puppies nurse until they are 4 weeks old, then they are given solid food, which is Purina Puppy Chow and milk replacer.

When Can Our Puppy Come Home?

It is recommended that you wait eight weeks before you take your puppy home. Some people take their puppy in as early as six weeks and that is ok. If your puppy is being shipped, by law, your puppy has to wait before it can fly.

Do You Ship?

Yes. We will ship to anywhere in the United States of America. There is a $450 shipping charge. We drive the puppy to our airport here in Minneapolis/St Paul and the receiver must make arrangements to pick the puppy up at the destination airport. We prefer to send our puppies on direct flights because we have a heart and don't want to frighten the puppy more that he or she has to be. They don't understand what is happening.

Do You Have Any Pictures Or Vidoes?

We usually wait until their eyes open before we take any pictures; this might be about four weeks. They are posted on the "puppies" page on this website. We do take videos when requested, especially for those who live far away and cannot make it to see the puppies. If you can make, it is recommended that you do to make your choice.

What About Diseases?

Our adult labs have been tested for the seven diseases known to labs. Your puppy also comes with a 24-month health guarantee.

How Often Do You Have Litters?

We have three female dogs breed, each female breeds about every six months. We able to produce six litters each year.

What If There Are No Puppies Available?

We will contact you, when we are expecting any litters. We understand if you find a puppy somewhere else before we are expecting anything.

How Do I Know If You Have Anything Availble?

We keep our site up to date. Our "home" page and our "puppies" page will tell you exactly what he have at the time.

When Do You Take Your Litters To The Vet?

We usually take our new born litters to the vet once, when they are two or three days old. This is when they get their dewclaws removed. We take them again at six weeks for their first shots and de-worming. Occasionally when we ship puppies, we will take the puppy to the vet one more time to get vaccines so that they can fly.

What Type Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept cash or PayPal. Our PayPal link is located in the upper right corner of every page. If you are on our mobile site, then the link is just under the header. It is the "Buy Now" button.

What If You Have Not Answered My Question?

I just started this "FAQ" page, so I answered as many question I could think of. I plan on putting more answers on here. If I have answered your question, feel free to ask, send an email to