About Us

About Red Maple Ranch

Our journey with Fox Red Labradors started over 2 decades ago.  We were gifted a red lab from a friend to be used as a service dog for a family member and we fell in love with her and the breed.


​We decided to breed red labs ourselves to help pay for the vet bills and food for our animals, many of whom had been rescued from bad circumstance.


​We saw the hunting potential in the same qualities that made a good companion animal.  As a result, we have bred for good confirmation, quiet spirit and hunting instincts and they have yet to disappoint!


Returning fans of our dogs might notice that WE HAVE MOVED!  From the plains in the south of Minnesota, we have returned to our native area in the north to the pines and water of Isanti. Now we are more "Red Maples in the Big Woods" than on the ranch, but our dogs are really enjoying the water of our huge pond and the natural woods all around us.


Sadly, on December 18, 2017, our founder Elise Harris had passed away, after battling cancer. Kevin and the rest of the Harris family has taken over the reins and continues to operate the ranch. Our goal has not change, we continue bread our dogs to the best of our abilities.